Pee Wee - 5 to 7 years. Mon, Tue ,Wed, Thr, Fri.
Juniors 8 to 16 years. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thr, Fri, Sun.
Adults - 16 years+ Mon, Tue, Thr, Fri, Sun.
Public Schools - Ardingly College & Burgess Hill Girls School, Brighton Girls School, London Girls School. Tue, Thr.


Training in the Renshinkan School is delivered through the following practise:

  • Jumbiundo and Seibundo – warming up and down exercises which includes stretching.
  • Moksu – meditation at the start and end of every session.
  • Kihon – the performance of basic kicks, punches and blocking techniques in a static position.
  • Senior Kihon – kicks blocks and strikes for 6th Kyu and above only.
  • Zenshin Kotei – combination and movement practice of basic kicks, punches, strikes and blocks.
  • Kata – memorising and performing prearrange forms.
  • Kumite – free sparring practice. Only practiced once control of basic techniques has been achieved. Full Protective equipment worn at all times.
  • Yaksuko Kumite – one step sparring practice.
  • Tannken Sabbaki – defensive techniques against knife attacks.
  • Kobudo – weapons practice to include bo, jo and sai. Only for dan grades.



The training takes place in a number of different environments:

  • The Dojo – The Dojo means ‘training place / ‘place to train the mind which, for this purpose is the number of different halls that the school uses. A comprehensive list of dojos is provided under DOJO LISTINGS.
  • Day Camps – These events are traditionally held on a Saturday or Sunday and provide intensive training designed to suit all levels of fitness and ability.
  • Camps – These take place 2/3 times a year and are held over a full weekend. These events are a true test of a student’s fitness, spirit and commitment and, above all else, provide an insight into ‘living in the moment’.
  • Gradings – Whilst the practice has an intrinsic deeper value not easily visible, students are required to undertake grading examinations as a measure both of their own progress and their determination and courage. It must be remembered that the practice of karatedo is a martial art and for students to really gain a true depth to their training they must be exposed to elements of pressure and be prepared to accept the decisions of their Sensei and Seniors. Grading is just one element of this process.
  • Tournaments – The All England Renshinkan Tournament is held annually, and attracts competitors from all ages and grades. Tournaments are used to challenge our students in order to develop their spirit and character. They are also a very good training ground in preparing our students for the International tournaments which are held every 4/5 years in Japan and beyond.
  • Japan – Training in Japan is a regular feature of our School’s commitment to ensuring that an ethic of continuous learning is delivered


Dojo Rules

The objective of Renshinkan Karatedo is the development and perfection of one’s personality through mind and body training. Members must obey the following rules:

  • Respect each other and obey your predecessor.
  • Start practising with becoming powerless.
  • Gain an insight (improve the eyes in the back of your head) and aim to become someone who has heart and soul.
  • When practising kumite, Shihan or Sensei must observe it.
  • All of your skills are secret, so you must not disclose your skill lightly.
  • Cut your finger/toenails short.
  • You are responsible for any accidents in the dojo caused by your own negligence.