What age can I commence practicing karate with your school?

Sensei Cameron’s classes (East Sussex) commence at 5 years.  There is no upper age limit.   The classes at Danehill and Nutley are focused on families training together so a variety of children and parents attend but are typically split out during lessons to cater for our younger students.

For information on our other classes throughout Sussex and London, please refer to the appropriate home pages by going to the Renshinkan England website, or Renshinkan London website [links] to both.


How do I start?

Children or families sign up to a 4-week introductory course.   This is designed to give the child and parents a good understanding of the practice of karate and the Renshinkan School.   At the end of the course, the child, or family may then become a full member of Renshinkan East Sussex, or the England school.

Adults – only.   Please contact us, and then come along and have a go.


Do I need a karate suit?

Not initially, but once you have joined Renshinkan East Sussex it is compulsory.  You can order your gi (karate suit) from your Sensei (instructor), or via the Members website. In the meantime, just wear track suit bottoms, t-shirt and a sweat shirt.  Please bring a towel and a bottle of water with you.


What are the benefits of training in Renshinkan Karate?

– There are many benefits, including:

– Increased Fitness, suppleness, strength, speed, stamina.

– Improved Well-being, which comes with confidence, awareness, harmony and self-empowerment.

– Improved Energy, which comes with self-discipline, focus, drive and ambition.